if you really do want to vote Cain send a pm

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if you really do want to vote Cain send a pm

Post by GottaBCain2012 on Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:04 am

there is a private group but i have to clear it first. it's private. As you can imagine they don't want it invaded by haters. People who are serious and want to work to get Cain elected Pres. Send me a pm. if you're still on the Cian Train and let me know that. Will give ya the link and let them know who you are. No problem. Sorry it has to be done this way but you know how it was on Twitter.

Also to keep in touch join cainsolutions.com. it's not up and running yet but join and they will let you know when that's ready.

Also join Gloria Cain's group WOMEN FOR CAIN. if you don't have the link i will get it and post it here.Just let me know.Assume most ppl on Twitter/Facebook had already gotten it.If not,i'll be glad to put it here.

Finally as with any place do not give our personal info.From time to time i have asked for folks phone no on Twitter in Direct Message. !. i do not give these out to anyone. 2. i will not call anyone who is uncomfortable with it. 3.i would not hurt a fly. All i am interested in is getting Herman Cain elected POTUS. That's it. Am married and getting old. I have one son who is a CPO and diver in the Navy. Have grandkids. I have male friends,but that's as far as it ever goes. I do not drink,do drugs or talk about my personall life much or often.This is my first real venture into politics but like you came to be inspired totally for the first time in a very long time by Herman Cain.

I am TOTALLY convinced he is the citizen Pres we should have and that these allegations were a flat out lie designed to do damage. The worst part is the hurt on his character and his family.It had to be beyond difficult.We can't imagine what it was like on their end.
BUT it aint over yet. This way he could re enter when they don't have the time to do damage.He could come back even stronger.

I will post more info as we get it. For now stay tuned here. Keep in close contact w/ other Cainiacs..Post any info or ideas YOU have too. Remember,the campaign was ONLY suspended. There was no use of the word ENDED. And Cain has NOT endorsed anyone.That's a good sign!!

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