We The People, Still means something.

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We The People, Still means something.

Post by Montana1010 on Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:31 pm


My Name is Deanna and this is the first time I have have been involved in politics, or with a candidate.

I knew even before Obama was elected, that our country was in trouble. After the election, people were getting angry about where he was taking our country. That anger was organized and turned into the Tea Party.

The Tea party became a very loud voice in the 2010 elections, resulting in the people taking back the House of reps.

We allowed the republican party to sway us that it would be best to be involved with their name, that does not seem to be working as far as I am concerned.

So, now comes Mr. Cain, a man who caught my attention here in Rural Montana. At first I thought, well he is not a politician , how far can he make it? I started researching him and watching videos on you tube. He grabbed my heart! Then I thought, he is not a politician, he is what we need.

So for the fist time in my life, I got involved in a candidacy. For the first time in my life I donated money to a candidacy. I spent hours online telling people about him, and finding stories about what an inspiration he was to so many people. How Mr Cain saved jobs for them, turning the companies they worked for around.

I started believing that if we could get Mr Cain elected we just might be able to save this country for my kids, and my grandkids when they come. The Politicians have messed it up and taken it from "We The People". Why not get someone in from the outside to fix it, someone who has fixed other large corporations. I know the USA is not a corporation, but maybe that's the problem, maybe that's why its such a mess, maybe it needs to be run like a corporation.

When I saw Herman Cains fast rise in the polls, I knew that most of America felt the same way. I had real hope for our country again, I mean REAL HOPE.

Then came the Media.

They started with the "Race Card", beating that subject to death. When that didn't work out came the "Sex Card". And one after another came out, You all know how that went.

I had always watched Fox News, believing that they truly were "Fair and Balanced". Boy what a shocker as I watched the coverage about all this, and figured they were just as bad as the rest of the stations. In fact I believe they are worse, the others make no claims to be fair.

If "We The People" allow this to happen than we deserve it. We have to fight the politicians, and the media. We have to really fight!

I think often about the Founding Fathers of this great country and the sacrifices they gave, so that we could be free. They had their homes burned down, families killed, many died broke and pennyless fighting for us. Then I feel ashamed, ashamed that I took what they did for granted. And that shame is now what drives me to be committed to fighting to take back our country!

And that starts with getting Herman Cain Elected in 2012. Please, lets, "We The People" fight for our country! I really believe this election is the most important one, maybe our last chance to turn things around.

We can't allow the media nor the political machine to make the decisions for us.

We have to keep doing anything we can to get Herman Cain elected. Keep fighting, keep talking to people, and if we have to, lets Write him in. "We the People" are not Going Away!



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