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Post by GottaBCain2012 on Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:15 pm

i'm not sure how many ppl we have on Twitter 'tweeting' out info;but think we could use more hands on deck.
Here's what needs done.Targets:
1. send out the link to write ins for Cain. if you're noticing like i am there are people who are thinking the same thing we are and they support Cain or i think WOULD if they knew they weren't out there alone. I've run into tons of them.Keep eye peeled for these folks.They are usually in the Herman Cain feed. I use @THEHermanCain or Herman Cain search. They are there.
if they seem like they would want to join i give them the link.

Some ppl don't use facebook. We may have to grab the info from write ins and either tweet what we can or bring the info here and ask them to join here.

2. We still have the petition for Cain to come back. HermanHermanos is trying to get it out there especially bc the sigs are coming in slow. If this were a petition the Paul bots put out it would be millions by now. We can do better.
I think we're in a lot of directions and sometimes we get started on one thing then something else comes up. So we should get it down to a few target tweets.The write in page. There's great info there and tells ppl what they can actually DO.Saves us what would be an overwhelming job to do on Twitter.
Push the petition. Maybe we need to branch out. I have found TONS of Cain supporters on You Tube but it's hard to be in 5 places at once. If 1 or 2 ppl wanted to give me a hand.We could put all this info out in you tube. Let's make a post of the info we want to share and INCLUDE it all in post for you tube.K?

3. There are 2 great you tubes that we've been sending out TRYING to get the media to uncover the truth. I've come to the conclusion.Don't hold your breathe. Unless we get enough people jumping up and down at the LSM i doubt they're gonna do anything. Share them on Twitter. If we get enough ppl that are up in arms over this travesty maybe the media will sit up and REPORT it.

4. Keep in mind that there are certain things Herman Cain can and cannot do.The campaign is in suspension.There are very strict rules he has to follow at this point. He cannot campaign.Period. We can campaign for him-but he can't lift a finger or sanction this. IF he does it blows it. Don't lose sight of this. Just bc he's not more active or giving us his support doesn't mean necessarily that he's left us out to dry.It could mean he CAN'T.
5. We are STILL permitted to donate. He can't actively campaign for funds. That's a no no. Will check with write ins for to see what we can and can't do. If this would be helpful. i think there are some folks from the campaign (lower echelon) that have a lot of knowledge about these kinds of things at write ins for Cain.
5. This is the you tube we are trying to get the LSM to sit up and report!