Rec'd call from Carl Boyd,Game Plan

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Rec'd call from Carl Boyd,Game Plan

Post by GottaBCain2012 on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:05 pm

Carl Boyd Jr called 2 night and he is totally onboard and thinks it's do able EVEN IF Cain declines in the end. No point in considering that now.Cross that bridge when (and IF)we get to it.

Follow Carl on Twitter.His account is @truthzone. He can contact ppl like Sean Hannity etc at Fox.
He said flat out he's not doing this for himself-he's not.He's a good guy. He's doing this for Cain and for our country really. He has volunteered to be our spokesperson so to speak. He will be OUR voice.

He also pointed something out i hadn't considered.It's good that were putting out Tweets for Cain.
If we really want to have an impact which Carl noted is to put the pressure-for lack of a better word-on the media. So every tweet re Herman Cain should include media. IE @cnn @FoxNews @WolfBlitzer @sean hannity @gretawire etc. I'll get a list of all the twitter accounts and post em.

Then he will pick up the phone and from what he's gathered from what we are saying about Cain he will put to the media FOR us. He said this is winnable.But time is short.

A candidate must get 270 delegates to become the nominee. Anything short of that goes to the House. Keep that in mind. Again his twitter account is @truthzone.If you're not following him could you please do so?
Meantime i will post up the news org twitter accounts so we have all the ones that would matter most.
Finally,my .02 worth and something Carl also mentioned. Cain can decline.That's HIS choice. Cain may endorse another candidate. Again HIS choice. Regardless, if this is who we the ppl want to vote for that is OUR choice and OUR right. Even if we don't meet our ultimate goal-getting Cain the win and God knows we all want this more than anything-we are at the very least sending a message and standing up for Herman Cain.
In the end,when the smoke clears,that may be good enough.We can always hope he's our next Pres.We all do but it's not all for naught if he doesn't accept.
God Bless!
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