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hash tags on Twitter

Post by GottaBCain2012 on Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:29 am

it might be helpful to those of us on Twitter to use #writeincain plus @IACaucus2012 @IACaucuses @IACaucusMedia.Hats off to Carl aka @truthzone who suggested those.

He also mentioned including the media in tweets so we're pressuring them a tad to fair,balanced and OBJECTIVE reporting re Cain.

Hoping the truth comes out.
Last but not least. Anyone have You Tube accounts? There are numerous Cain supporters out there.
Unfortunately i have had some You Tube issues and even w/ an account (boxerpaws55) can't get posts out like i had intended to.
By tomorrow afternoon or evening will post links here to those you tube sites that supported and still support Cain.There are a lot of ppl there. Not everyone uses Twitter. And not everyone uses Facebook. A lot of ppl at You Tube we can reach out to.
IF anyone has an account or wants to get one i hope someone could take this up.Doing the best i can do in spite of issues.It's frustrating and sometimes too time consuming w/ the problems.
You might do better!

Trying to drum up more tweeters too. I did ask Carl what he thought of our setting up a write in Cain twitter account. He said NOT YET. Must have a reason and i trust his judgement.

That doesn't mean it may not be a good idea.It just might not be a good game plan right now.


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