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Herman Cain and politics as usual
- Bob Lunsford Monday, December 12, 2011

Herman Cain suspended his campaign. Some in the media insist that he dropped completely out of the competition for the candidacy and that he is no more. Period! Now, however, the media are also saying that if Cain had been honest and just admitted what he had done—like Gingrich—that then he (Cain) could have survived the charges of “sexual harassment.” Really? Does the media actually believe this or is it merely something for them to fill dead airtime?

This is prima facie evidence that the media has “judged” and made a decision. The implication of their comments is that Herman Cain truly did what those media-crazed women say he did. However, he said that the allegations are not true and, from my take, he openly invited them to provide evidence of what happened. But all we have are media opinions.

We can see it coming. The media will continue to go after Herman Cain and present him as a loser. There will be a subtle comment here and there with raised eyebrow, as they wait for him to be relegated to an obscure moment of history much as they did and do with President Nixon. With no evidence, only claims, the media are quick to determine Cain’s guilt but where there are boatloads of evidence against various Democrats, they say nary a thing.

I still hope and pray that the election in Iowa is free of media influence and a bunch of people stand with Herman Cain. Iowa is not an election in the ordinary sense since, as I understand it, there are no ballots per se. Therefore, it will be difficult to ascertain Herman Cain’s backing as it would be in a tabulated balloting system. However, there is yet a glimmer of brightness:

IF Iowa does not show Cain as a leader in people’s minds, the following elections will provide real ballots passing through the voters’ hands. If Cain shows up favorably in the states after Iowa, after the media has effectively done a hatchet job and buried Herman Cain (at least in their own minds), then the media philosophy about Iowa “showing the way” will come into focus. This would then cause those “experts” to rethink their notions about Iowa.

I hope yet to see Herman Cain vindicated and prove to be the man who held his cool while the media did an Occupy Politics and their trash fouled up the political scene.

It’s still early in the 2012 political calendar. There’s plenty of time before the candidate is selected. I hope that Herman Cain and his lawyers’ investigation of what took place with Allred & Co. will royally backfire in the faces of the media and Democrat talking-head experts. No matter how long it takes!

If Cain can pull this off and survive the attacks, then the media will not be able to ignore him. They will be back-peddling so hard that it could provide much more entertainment than the media’s presentation of the election process itself.

If Cain takes the media to court for libel and slander, even if only the Court of Public Opinion, it would cause people to see how important the 2012 election is regardless of the media twist & spin. The ones who see it as most-important are not the Republicans, though. It is the Democrats! Note that once Herman Cain appeared to have dropped from the forefront and out of the candidate selection process, the rumor mongering “harassers” all but disappeared, as far as Herman Cain is concerned. Mission accomplished, the Left apparently believes…

If the National Enquirer can be sued for libel/slander by Carol Burnett, then the impact to the media would be immense should they be sued for attempting or of being complicit in the attempt to destroy Herman Cain, both politically and personally.

As an aside, I did not contribute to Bill Clinton’s defense fund but I would contribute to a Herman Cain defense or attack-the-media/Democrat fund designed to set the record straight and to serve as a warning to all the media.

The media depends on the “freedom of the press” concept to excuse them from being addressed for any and all commentaries relating to public figures. However, it has much too often gone too far. Sure, there is freedom of speech! However, where is there implied freedom from reparations from damage done to someone (and possibly his family) when the media takes advantage of notions of freedom (by their definition) that go too far and results in personal damage?

Now, today, the plot thickens. I just got a news item in my email inbox with the following heading: Rand Paul: Newt Gingrich “Goes Against Everything the Tea Party Stands For”

Let’s analyze this a bit… Herman Cain has apparently dropped out and we see a Gingrich surge in the election polls. It is evident that there is a type of “buyer’s regret” even before Romney gets the official nod and the votes that were attributed formerly to Cain went to Gingrich and not to Romney. It is obvious that the media and many Republicans see Romney as the one to stand up to Obama but Gingrich was obviously not consulted on this. For Rand Paul to make an oblique hit on Gingrich at this time is no doubt an attempt to tilt the political table in his father Ron Paul’s direction. As common sense dictates, what else could it be?

Let’s not forget Herman Cain, though. Keep in mind that what we see, and do not see, in the current candidates indicate that Herman Cain yet has a place in the future of American politics. No one is perfect and we now see candidates with strengths and weaknesses exposed. This is normal in the political process. However, unless someone steps up and declares him/herself to be a strong and true conservative with conviction to carry the day, I still see Herman Cain as one of the best of the lot.

What we see in Romney and Gingrich is more of the same. There is no obvious solution to America’s problems, all we see are “fixes.” Also, do not forget that none of those on the existing panel of candidates has what it takes to win against Obama & Co. as long as the media has free rein. The Left/Obamaroids going after Cain first and now Gingrich is their automatic reaction to anyone who would dare stand toe-to-toe against Obama. Forget Romney’s religious bent, the reason that the Democrats are not fighting Romney as a contender to Obama is because they either see him as Obama-Lite or that there are things that are yet to be used against him if he ever becomes a front-runner. But there is more to this than meets the eye, as we shall see.

For the Left/Democrats, protecting their chief and champion is their primary lot in life, as they see it, and while we may feel some sympathy for such mindlessness devotion to a fraudulent man without a “transparent” past, it is just their way. It is as if they were born into it and it’s their mission in life.
America needs someone with a quick executive pen

America needs someone with a quick executive pen. However, no one is asking any of the candidates if they will make writing executive orders a priority in the first days and weeks of their presidency as was the priority with Obama. The damage was done then, for the most part, and this is why Obama has found time to improve his swing on the golf links. However, if a potential candidate openly and emphatically stated that he/she would undo the mischief that Obama has caused by executive fiat via the flourish of the Executive Order pen, this alone would cause the Left to shudder, lose much sleep and effectively take them off their stride.

Debate moderators and journalists indicate that they know all the answers. If and when they are not satisfied with a candidate’s answers, they keep asking questions as if the candidate is not responding, as if they are intentionally dodging the questions. What is happening, though, is that the questioners already have in mind what they want to hear the candidate say in his/her replies. If it is not what they want to hear, then come more and more questions until they hear what they want or can twist it into someone hiding from the truth.

Journalists no doubt believe that they are serving the public and that only they are qualified to do this. The problem is that moderators and journalists do not ask the right questions. I sometimes wonder if they even know the important questions. Could it be that they prefer being called Compromisers instead of Moderators? On the other hand, are they so intent on their agenda that the answers to questions that do not serve their goals are merely ignored?

Again, for those of us that believe that Herman Cain was given the royal shaft with unproved allegations meant to destroy him and his bid for the presidency, we must not ignore or forget him. We see now that the Media Mental Midgets trying to paint a dirty picture of Gingrich. He was a man disloyal to his wife, a woman on her death bed, blah, blah, blah! But they ignore answers given by Gingrich and his daughter that adequately address his past. Same way they ignored Herman Cain’s solid and believable statement that he did not do what was alleged.

While it is fresh in people’s minds, the media need to be brought to task for not being impartial but, instead, they continue trying to sway people’s opinion to their mindset and get them to accept their predetermined choice for the candidacy. It even looks sometimes that the Republican Party/RNC is lurking in the background in a patient attempt to get Romney on the ticket. However, surprise-surprise, the question of Romney’s eligibility as a presidential candidate is also now coming into question.

Romney’s father was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. Some have searched for and have not found a copy of Romney’s father’s birth certificate to see if the father was an America Citizen when Romney was born. If he was not an American Citizen, then Romney is in the same category as Obama in not having American BOTH citizen parents at his birth. This would also cause him to be unqualified for the presidency because he would be a Native Born Citizen. If his parents were not BOTH American citizens at his birth, then he is Native Born Citizen and not a Natural Born Citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution. The Internet is rife with proof of this being the interpretation of the Constitution. A Native Born Citizen is not qualified; only the Natural Born Citizen is qualified as eligible to be the President/Vice-President. Therefore, are the Romney people hiding the father’s proof of birth from public view? If so, then why is it being kept from view? We the People want to know.

Herman Cain is a Natural Born Citizen and fully qualified to be President. Are voters going to allow the media to keep him off the ticket with baseless allegations of harassment where there was no harassment in the eyes of the government? See my earlier article regarding this if not having read it before.

Democrats love seeing Republicans/Conservatives fighting amongst themselves. But it is nothing more than a process to find the best qualified person/s. However, to put their spin on it, they often say that the Republicans are “not organized.” As if they are the champions of organization.

Democrats, those on the Left, apparently see Obama running alone and without opposition, as “organized.” But, are they really? Does this mean that when Hillary dropped out of the running in 2008 that the Democrats suddenly and miraculously became “organized”? To them it would seem so but this is indicative of faulty thinking on their part. With the media’s help, this little spin serves the Democrats’ low-cunning purpose. But it will only succeed if We the People do not see through their insanity.


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