First Blog,The Herman Cain Assasination

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First Blog,The Herman Cain Assasination

They may as well have hired a Lee Harvey Oswald to 'take out' Cain. They did something even worse.They attacked a good,decent man who deserved to be voted on by the people.They took him out every way possible short of shooting him-worse because they didn't even leave his good name intact.
Who are they? ?We don't know the actual perpetrators. At best we can guess. Those who assisted we know.The media. The pundits. The haters. The haters are almost excusable. They're just pawns. The media and pundits cannot be excused. Their participation was deliberate.The pundits are less culpable,but not by much, than the media.At least they only give their opinion;unfortunately they know their so called expertise carries power. IF some of the American people would just analyze what these pundits say and think for themselves they could filter out the b.s. from the truth. The media,next to the actual plotters,are just as guilty,just as culpable.They went with the story.They got it out there before they investigated the facts. Some of these people may have even done this not out of laziness but to aid his take down.If it's laziness it's just as inexcusable.The media owes it to the public who put their trust in them to report the news fair and balanced. It means 'they report,we decide.' They have so manipulated and distorted their role that it's now THEY REPORT AND DECIDE FOR US.The media better rethink it's role in the political process.

They need to get out of it and do their job which is to get the facts.It's called investigative journalism. There's a thin line of difference between legitimate news reporting and tabloid journalism. The news has become soap opera.

Herman Cain did an interview in which he was questioned about Libya.Granted it wasn't his best interview but who heard about his good ones? If you get his comments though and give them a few min thought they are actually dead on.
The ONLY time the media knew Herman Cain existed is when they could take a poor interview or a quote out of context and pound it into the public's consciousness of Herman Cain. The objective;make a brilliant man come off as stupid and inept.

The big win in Florida-the one that gave him much of his momentum-was a perfect case of media spin.I was on twitter that night reading 'tweets' from people IN Florida. I even got tweets from the people who actually voted.While I was on twitter and watched the news report on various outlets,in particular Fox though the whole spin was that it was an anti Perry vote.The people on the ground who actually voted said no it was a PRO CAIN vote. The media didn't even have the decency to let him have a win.
For that matter i followed all the polls Herman Cain had won some more or less significant than others and none of these ever got mentioned in the news. NONE.
They took that away from him too.Yet Rick Perry entered the race and got all kinds of media hype.It was a big deal that he entered the race.No campaigning,no interviews, no 'magnifying glass' and he was all over the news. Donald Trump CONSIDERED entering the race.Same thing.It was a really big deal. Herman Cain? Anything he accomplished was a foot note UNLESS it was negative.

Then the media came flying like vultures picking bones.
We're not even up to the allegations against Cain yet. We will get there. Stay tuned for blog entry #2.As the old saying goes-the gloves ARE coming off!

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