If and When,The Herman Cain Campaign

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If and When,The Herman Cain Campaign

There were some terrific parts of Herman Cain's campaign but if he comes back in there's a few things that could stand changing.Some campaigns go through growing pains.It definitely wouldn't be anything unusual in this season.
The LSM always makes too much of this anyway. The Cain campaign did a great job of getting Mr Cain name ID.You have to admit he came a long way to the very top against so many odds it wasn't funny. Especiallywith the LSM and the smear machine at him constantly.He had huge target on his back that none of the other candidates have had. Really.i think it fair to say that.
Here's the things i'd change.
1. Stay away from the LSM,That's the Lame Stream Media. They are not your friend.Most of them are not anyone's friend.
They have no integrity and they definitely do not do real investigative journalism anymore. Just lazy soap opera crap.
Lesson Learned.Go to the people. Ronald Reagan did this. The LSM considered him an idiot.The ppl loved him,even many Democrats.Case closed.
2. Newt offered the Lincoln Douglas style debate.Good friend you were you took him up on it.Cain was at the top-front runner. Newt was at 3rd? He had nothing to lose. It was no debate.It was intended to feather HIS nest and make him look good.
He used it to his advantage. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to say no.
3. The campaign had Herman carry nearly all the weight. He was overly tired.Overly exposed to the wrong ppl. Herman Cain should never have had to carry all the weight.
4. the video campaign was brilliant. no doubt about it. The last one-the 999 plan was terrific. The best were Herman Cain himself.
5. One of the complaints i heard was phone calls not returned. Mr Cain needed a liaison between him and his supporters. There was a great conference call we had.He was a few min late because of a previous engagement-and then he had to take off because of another one lined up.Again,he should have spent more time with the ppl and LESS with the LSM. When he did we connected.
He just needed to do more of that.
Less taxing too. I give Moshe Starkman credit for trying. He should have been the liaison
6.Last but not least;one of the reasons BHO won is that he always had his little minions out in the media to cover his butt. Mr Cain always ended up either defending himself or getting hammered to pieces.
This time around maybe have some good ppl out there to stick up for him.
There were plenty of things the campaign did right.PLENTY.in the next round will give credit where credit is due. Sometimes they were unfairly criticized. He didn't get where he was at to front runner bc they were lousy. There's always room for improvement.
I do want to mention that it seems like the debates carried more weight than any other factor in this political season.Not sure why. I didn't care for them at all-but for some reason the people were basing their choices almost SOLELY on these debates.
ONE FINAL FINAL WORD.Where are Mr Cain's accusers now?Are these people,especially Politico and the smear machine that started it,ever going to be held accountable for what THEY did?


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