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in case no one noticed

Post by GottaBCain2012 on Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:17 pm

Obama supporters will tell you that Obama will beat Cain so they want you to continue to support Herman Cain-this is supposed to make you worry. The truth is THEY'RE worried.All they do is talk about Herman Cain.Yet he's irrelevant.If that were true and he was no big deal they wouldn't be talking about him.

Watch out for polls.They matter to a certain extent but what counts MOST is the vote. We vote-Cain wins.Online polls can be particularly skewed.
We keep our eye on the ball-stay focused-we win. Polls only count up to a point.They're worth watching but not the be all and end all. They can be used to. If people think so and so is winning they may throw in the towel. Huck was within striking distance of McCain in Texas-i believe Huck could have won that state.BUT the media was pushing that McCain was ahead in the polls and a lot of people figured they may as well vote for the winner. Let's not fall for that trap. We've wised up to the media since 2008.

I half expect more LIES and SMEARS soon.The only way to stop that is to show it does NOT work.I wish we could so something about Politico.Any suggestions?

All the elites who NOW think Ronald Reagan was the greatest forget how they made him out to be in the media.Pundits are their own little group of people who live in their own little bubble and have the audacity to CALL THEMSELVES experts.

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