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Maine Caucus AND Primary

Post by Jay Riley on Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:42 pm

This copied from an email reply from the Bar Harbor Republican Committee Chair (with his permission):

There will probably be a straw poll for presidential candidates at our caucuses in February. However, the primary in June will determine which presidential candidates will be normally supported by Mainers at the national Republican convention. Anybody's name can be placed into the straw poll's contest. Names on the June primary ballot require a sufficient number of petition signatures. I'm not certain how many signatures are required. In any case, voters can write-in names on the primary ballot.

The state Republican convention in May will elect representatives to the national convention. The state convention also determines the state platform and contributes to the debate on the national platform. Our representatives to the state convention are selected at the February caucus. We usually have more representative slots at the state convention than we have people willing to participate. Anything can happen at the state convention and usually does. At the last convention, the recommended party platform was scrapped and another platform approved. The national convention can also be unpredictable. The Republican Party is more democratic than the Democrat Party in this regard. You can check this difference out by downloading the Republican and Democrat parties' rules from the Internet.
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