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I bet you've got a dozen or better of one of these open letters so one more couldn't possibly hurt. The reason for this one-several.For one there are things I just have to say to you.Another reason is to convince you to at least CONSIDER a change in decision.Either way i feel this has to be said.

I recall the first time i saw you and ever heard of Herman Cain.It was the C-Pac convention on C-Span.Couldn't miss that. It's a good thing i watched this one although i'm sure i would have gotten on board the "Cain Train" eventually. When you were done speaking i said to my husband-this is a person who COULD be President.
I started to do the homework.Let's put it this way;it was just short of a background check on Herman Cain.When the research was done i looked at my husband and said-this is a man who SHOULD be President.

When the Cain Train started to pull out of the station I jumped right on board. Husband did too but he doesn't like politics so he wasn't going to get involved in the foot work-just the voting.You could count on him though.

Remember your words,STAY INSPIRED? I know i speak for a lot of people when i say we were inspired.
We took a good look at all the candidates in the field and you were the ONLY one who generated enthusiasm.Enthusiasm in political speak means votes. It's that simple.

On this Cain Train i met other "cainiacs" who were on board;enthused and inspired too. We had one thing in common, though we came from many and varied backgrounds-we were convinced you would be a great President. It is the one common thread that binds us together.You will notice i'm not speaking past tense here because it is just as true now as it was yesterday or last week or months ago.

I also heard a lot of name calling. Terrible things that i'm sure you had heard often enough before.The one that really bothered me though is when you were called a "self loathing black."
Remember your interview w/ Piers Morgan and you said something to the affect you couldn't take off your black skin. People went ballistic.They equated your stating the obvious with meaning you wanted to take it off. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Your parents taught you belief in yourself. You exuded confidence in every challenge you met in life-you knew you had dignity just from being the decent person you are.
You used your God given abilities to meet those challenges. You always struck me as being comfortable in your own skin, not apologetic at all for your skin color.

I have to be perfectly honest with you though Mr Cain in telling you that one of the reasons-though not the ONLY reason-i thought you would be a good candidate is that you could pull the 'race card' out from under Obama. To be perfectly honest again i had so come to admire you for so many reasons that the race card was no longer a part of my conversation when it came to the reasons you were qualified.
You were the best candidate for the office of President PERIOD.
You could see that in all the people.They loved you,admired you and looked forward to the day they could call you their President.
The media was another matter. It didn't seem to matter how many polls you won,how much support you were gaining,how far that Cain Train was coming along they ignored you. At least they ignored you until they could find something negative to slam you on. They even took away your winning the straw poll in Florida-a great moment btw-by saying it was a "Not Perry" vote.They couldn't even give you that one.
They really did ignore you and they really did take notice of you when it was convenient to knock you down and then again after the next victory-they didn't know you again.

They made every victory seem small and every gaffe seem huge.

We hung in there though Mr Cain and so did you. Sometimes it was almost unbearable to witness the media treatment of you and your support-eventually we just tuned them out.

Believe me we will never trust them again.I would hope the people are smart enough not to trust them.

Iowa was just in reach. We knew you could win. You were the front runner. Your support was strong. The day was was so close!! We knew if you won that one or possibly one or two of the other states in addition too( or instead of )and the Cain Train would reach its final destination.The White House.
The media couldn't have that so they went with a smear that they didn't bother to fact check.
It was intentional and deliberate.
So you went back to Georgia to reassess the campaign. We knew you were going to come back and make an announcement. We thought this is it-he will grab the narrative from the media and we will go onto Iowa. We believed you were going to take the fight to them and we were ready to fight with you.

My husband said a few words about this too and coming from him it's a mouthful.
He said if you came out swinging you'd get more supporters than you ever dreamed of having.
So we were all glued to our tv sets and internet that day. You came out strong and then you said that word-SUSPENDED.
Let me say this Herman Cain. We'll get back to that day another day but for now i want to say to you America is calling you. Some people look at getting the nomination and being elected as winning a prize. Other people run for the right reason-because they are called.It's no small matter. When you answer that call people answer it with you. As difficult as it may be and how much easier it would be not to-when your country calls you, Herman Cain, to the highest office you respond to that call.
Even if it's easier not to because it's TRUE.


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